“david chang’s 21st century take on grits”

October 5, 2008 |  Category:   cooking


Back in late July our friends invited us over for brunch to try out a recipe from David Chang of Momofuko fame, which was going to be included in Esquire Magazine’s 75th anniversary issue where our friend was working at the time. This breakfast of grits, fried farm eggs, pickled scallions, radish and salted ham scraps delivered a nice contrast of textures, and sour and salty flavors. The 75th issue of Esquire is out on news stands now and the recipe is also online. As I recall, Mia might have been the only kid at the brunch to eat the dish with soft eggs, which was really a key component to the dish, but she is fond of soft eggs in general. Mark, on the other hand, can only really eat eggs scrambled (he’s not a real fan of eating eggs), so he had a version with scrambled eggs. Not quite the same since the runny egg yolk helped bring the dish together, both in flavor and texture. If you’re feeling especially ambitious for brunch one day, give the recipe a try.

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