breakfast from leftovers

May 14, 2008 |  Category:   cooking life


We had a rare treat of take out last night and Lani, my mother-in-law, had the excellent idea of making poached eggs with leftover saag paneer this morning. Soooo good. It’s been quite a while since we’ve had Indian food. There is a fairly decent place for take out in the neighborhood, but I know it doesn’t hold up for true Indian food enthusiasts. When I lived in the East Village during my art school years, dinner on 6th street was a staple – again, I do realize that Indian food on “Indian row” doesn’t quite cut it, but back in those days, it was cheap and so good, especially if you were a vegetarian.

A few years later when I met Mark in Olympia and the years we lived in Portland, he used to cook Indian all the time – to the point where I got sick of it. He doesn’t cook Indian that much anymore and it had been quite some time since we’ve had a taste of the spices and flavors, so it was a real treat from the usual dinners he’s been making lately of pastas and roasts. Sometimes you just need a break away from something to appreciate it again.


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