Easter this year

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I don’t know why I even have a “craft” category for the blog seeing as we seem to only accomplish 2 kinds of crafts each year – paper snowflakes and Easter egg dyeing (and if you click on crafts, that’s pretty much all you see post after post – so much so that it’s laughable). We haven’t even carved pumpkins in the last few years because the girls get too attached to their pumpkins and can’t bear the thought of stabbing them with knives and scooping out the guts. Oh! I tried to teach the girls how to make origami cranes last week, but that didn’t really go over so well because I forgot how to fold one myself and the only origami paper we had was too small for tiny hands trying to make precise folds. Hey, I tried.


After last year’s rather successful first attempt at natural egg coloring, we went back to the Paas dye tablets, mostly because Mark’s mom sent us a box in the Easter care package she sent us. We didn’t do anything fancy this year (though I thought about it for a minute, I swear). Mia did scratch a phrase in wax on one of her eggs: “Peace, love and hamburgers” (uh, whatever that means to 9 year olds), but we did try ombre-ing a few of the eggs. I think next year I might try experimenting with tape.

We took our traditional drive upstate to spend Easter with Mark’s dad and uncle. The girls get super excited about Easter because of the egg hunts (this year we drove out to a state park to hide chocolates in the woods). Nothing was Spring-like about it because the weather was still a bit chilly and the trees still so bare, but they still had a super good time. I find it funny that they are both so blinded by the fact that one of us is obviously the Easter bunny hiding the candy. I’m surprised that Mia still believes there’s a furry animal with thumbs capable of placing chocolate eggs on window sills and perched on tree branches. She knows there isn’t a tooth fairy and hasn’t really believed in Santa in awhile (though she claims to believe in him again), so why the Easter bunny? Especially when I had “mysteriously disappeared” while Mark took them to a bench to look out over the lake.

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  • Sarah April 2, 2013 at 10:03 am

    Good Morning!
    I found your site several days ago and have literally spent every available minute reading through your older posts! You have a beautiful space here…your photography is amazing and I love how your stories are so real.

    So, I’m glad I found you and happy to be following along!

    My sister lives in NY – it’s an amazing city. 🙂

    • Jenna April 2, 2013 at 11:10 am

      Thank you Sarah!! And for reaching out and saying hello.

  • plum April 3, 2013 at 10:11 am

    I told mine the Easter Bunny doesn’t come once you’re 5 and old enough to choose your own eggs. Didn’t stop the massive dawn hunt “just in case”. Luckily we did have 1 egg tucked away. “Hmmm, easter bunny’s egg this year smells like our freezer…” chomp – THEY KNOW!