pho for a rainy day

May 20, 2008 |  Category:   art + design dining out friends


My neighbor Sonjie and I went to visit our friend (and fellow neighborhood parent) Lindsey at ICFF today. Lindsey has just introduced her bubble chandeliers rolled in 14k gold foil and the effect is dazzling. Quite spectacular I might say, and if we ever hit big with the biz some day, I’m ordering one of her lights.

It was another gray and dreary day here in NY, quite cold and wet and we drove to a Vietnamese spot on Atlantic Avenue for an impromptu lunch after we left. Noodles in broth is the perfect way to ward off the chill, but I had something new that I’ve never had before – the Vietnamese sandwich: ham, pate, pickled carrots, mustard and greens, all on hot crusty French bread. Quite good, so much so that we ordered another to share. Yup, 2 sandwiches and a bowl of pho. We were very hungry.


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