in Seattle

August 1, 2008 |  Category:   family life travels


My first comment about Seattle? It’s freaking cold here. I don’t know if it’s unusually cold or if I’d just forgotten what summers are like but yesterday it was only in the low 60s (50s at night!). I definitely didn’t pack enough cool weather clothes even though I thought I was being good about it. The cooler weather is a bit of a nice change from the NYC heat, but I just don’t like being cold in the summer so I’m actually missing the warm NYC evenings! Aside from my weather issues, it’s nice being out here and the flight went swimmingly well for the kids. I love that we can leave at 8:30 in the morning NY time and get here at 11am. We spent the afternoon at the Rose Garden across from Mark’s sister’s house (she lives across the street form the zoo!) and saw family we hadn’t seen in awhile. The girls were begging to go to sleep at some point – I totally forgot about what the time change would do to their schedules – so we turned in early (which was actually late in NY time). More to come…




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