mother’s day

May 11, 2008 |  Category:   family holidays life


Happy mother’s day. It’s sunny here and it looks like it will be a gorgeous day. We’ve got lots of moms here to celebrate with: Mark’s mom, who is visiting from Olympia, and my parents, who are here in NY, will be driving over to come visit us at the Flea and then have a family dinner. One of the side benefits of doing the Flea is the flowers that I’ve been buying for our table and then bringing home. I love having fresh flowers as part of the display and while I normally have done quite well spending under 7 bucks for yellow snap dragons, daffodils and freesias, I splurged yesterday on my favorite flower, peonies. Even though I love having flowers in the house, I never buy them because our cat likes to eat them, and well…it’s not a necessity in our strict budget, so it is a nice change to have flowers in the house.

Mark splurged a bit this week as well and bought 2 bottles of wine, which is was something that we cut out of our budget altogether when Mark became unemployed (and I know this sounds pathetic, but we had a one bottle a month rule even before then). And the girls just gave me a gift certificate for a pedicure at a local spa, another thing that I never do. We’re living large this week!


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