Can I post your photos on my blog?
Only if you credit properly and post a link back to this site, but please do not use my photos without permission.

Do you take photos professionally?
No, I’m not a professional photographer. I make a living as a designer and I also recently had a full time job in the tech industry, but a few of my photographs have been published in books and magazines.

Do you get paid for blogging?
I was pretty adamant about not selling ads or doing sponsored posts on the blog for years. This was basically a reaction to how advertising was infiltrating every corner of our lives and I wanted my space to be an ad free space, particularly since I ran an ad supported design blog prior to Sweet Fine Day. A few years ago, I started using occasional affiliate links in some posts which meant that I made a small commission on any products that were purchased through the link, but I no longer use affiliate links in posts.

Does Whimsy & Spice have a physical store?
No, we are online and wholesale.

Where are your products made?
Mark bakes at a commercial kitchen in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

How long have you been in business?
Since April 2008. You can read about the whole process starting from the very first post here.

I’m starting a baking business – can I ask you a few questions?
Yes, but if you’re asking about licensing and stuff, each state has different requirements. I can’t tell you everything mostly because a lot of it was experimentation and trial and error, but I will try and answer your questions as best I can.

How come you’re never at the Flea Markets?
Somebody has to watch the kids at home, plus I am pretty awful at selling our stuff in person.

Is the bakery business a full time thing for you guys?
It’s Mark’s full time job, but I work as a freelance designer and also recently worked full time at a tech startup. For the business, I work on marketing, design, photography and customer service. I’m also behind all of our social media accounts. When we get emails asking to speak with our “shipping department”, for example, you’ll be speaking with us. We started small and we’re still a small business.

Can I hire you to design my website? What kind of designer are you?
If I’m not on a project I may be able to on occasion, but I mostly design for agencies and companies – anything from the DailyCandy email redesign to large scale websites for museums like the Smithsonian and the NYS Historical Association. You can see my portfolio here, though I’ve been procrastinating on redesigning that site forever.

I’m visiting/moving to NY. Where should we go eat?
I’m the worst person to ask! We don’t eat out very often and I have no idea what the hot new restaurants are, but I’ll do my best!

Do you ever sleep?