a nice surprise

April 13, 2008 |  Category:   happy purchases


A few days ago I received a nice package from Tami, designer and owner of Ismodern. Tami and I became friends through Babygadget, a site that I run and co-own. I’ve been really strict about not spending any money at all in the past 2 months aside from start up costs for the business, but I really could not resist buying an outfit for Mia from Ismodern’s Fall line, which went on sale after her Spring collection went up. What a nice change to get something in the mail that was not cello bags or boxes. When I opened the package, Tami had generously tucked in extra samples from the Fall line for both girls (this is not the first time she’s done this). Thank you, Tami. I especially appreciate that you always remember Claudine, who I admit do not get many new clothes, if at all, since she always has hand-me-downs waiting for her.

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