1 down, 2 to go

November 1, 2008 |  Category:   holidays life


With Halloween over, the triumvirate of Fall/Winter holidays has started it’s roll. I don’t know why but as soon as Halloween passes, the descent of Thanksgiving and Christmas picks up speed and before you know it, we’re in the dead of winter and staring down the long month of January (sorry Mark, I know you consider your birthday the 4th holiday, but January is still dreadful).

Halloween wackiness started on the walk home from M’s school when we passed by a man handing out these great colorful swirly lollipops. C, in usual Miss C form, was weary of the stranger, but her curiosity for this lollipop got the better of her, so she walked right up to him, accepted the candy, said a quiet thank you, and walked away with eyes as big as saucers. She then proceeded to walk all the way home, holding the lollipop up like a grand prize trophy in front of her while Mia ran circles around her in her bat costume. This lollipop was C’s first piece of candy. Trick-or-Treating was an equally thrilling first experience. She insisted on walking the whole time and with her bundled up layers under her hula costume (she did finally wear the grass skirt and the flower leis), she looked something like a miniature Little Red Riding Hood meets Annette Funicello from her hula days, waddling down the street. Can you imagine being a little toddler and experiencing Halloween for the first time? People dressed up in crazy get ups all around you and you walk around the street in darkness asking all sorts of strangers for candy. It’s madness. And what is it about candy that gets kids so riled up? Even after we got home and the girls were exhausted and sleepy, they wanted to gobble up one more piece of candy from their newly acquired stash and they did so, all zoned out and bleary eyed. Were we like this when we were kids? I just don’t remember.

Mark reminded me that we turn the clocks back tonight and I am rejoicing in the fact that it’s not really midnight, but actually 11. I’ve been trying to make an effort to go to sleep a little earlier and did successfully turn in at 1:30am last night. My new doctor thinks I’m not getting enough sleep even though I insisted that I felt fine, but that’s total bullshit really – I just can’t seem to change this cycle I’m in. I’m actually thinking, however, that I may turn out the lights before midnight tonight (adjusted time, at least). Let’s see, I now have 34 minutes…


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  • Brenda November 2, 2008 at 4:02 pm

    I hear you on the sleeping thing … I’m trying to retrain myself, too, to sleep earlier and naturally wake up earlier!