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December 5, 2008 |  Category:   holidays life the biz


Instead of sleeping (sleep = 6 units, remember?) I am here. It’s 1:30am. I feel like I’ve been calculating tasks all day, and my great fear is that I will discover that there really isn’t enough hours in the day to accomplish all, but I will just shove those thoughts aside. We have a little bit of help now. Mark is hiring the pastry assistant at the restaurant he bakes at to help cut and scoop cookies a few hours in the morning. His mom is also here for 2 weeks to watch the girls which is a huge help, and a neighbor will stop by a few evenings for the marathon packing madness that will begin sometime at the end of next week.

Some of you may know that for the duration of “Marathon! Cookie! Madness!” we had to shut our etsy shop down. There was just no way we could keep up, but it almost felt like defeat, and to do so around the holidays seemed like absolute insanity. But I have to say, I am finding that I spent so much time managing the etsy shop (emailing people who had questions, relisting orders, sending confirmation emails, obsessing about views) and with that gone, I am rocking my freelance projects and getting things done.

On my way to my meeting today, I got caught in the crosshairs of the epicenter of Christmas – Rockefeller Center. Tourists were milling about with shopping bags, the tree was lighted, people were ice-skating, the windows at Saks were dressed with their traditional holiday displays and Salvation Army bell ringers were singing carols (since when do they sing?). I almost had forgotten that all things Christmas could be fun.

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  • Tumus December 5, 2008 at 8:06 am

    I saw that you’d closed temporarily, but I mean, if anyone reads this blog they’d know just HOW busy you really are right now. I’d have done the same thing just to keep my sanity.

    Sometimes Etsy makes running a business harder than what it should be. It’s like successful shops on that site really have to do ALOT of mandatory maintence to keep things looking right. There’s alot of tweaking they could do to help the big guys out and the little ones.

    In any case good luck!