October came, October went

November 2, 2014 |  Category:   holidays life





These transitional season months always go by the quickest, don’t they? We’re so busy cramming in all the seasonal activities that every weekend is always accounted for. And why do we feel so compelled to pack every weekend with stuff? Because October is the month to rival all months for events here in the city. I suppose it’s the last month where the weather is truly comfortable for any considerable time spent outdoors. We nearly ran ourselves silly last Saturday trekking through all the touristy spots. Let’s check them off shall we? So we started off in the Meatpacking District, followed by Chelsea Market, the High Line, Times Square and Bryant Park. The only spot missing in this crazy town list is Rockefeller Center, but it wasn’t all our doing. We had to drop one kid off at a birthday party in Times Square, and because we didn’t want the other kid to feel so left out, we took her anywhere she wanted to go and that ended up being the Japanese bookstore across from Bryant Park.

So Bryant Park has this open air holiday market which they’ve had for years, but one year it got something of a makeover and it rebranded itself (heavily sponsored, of course) as “Winter Village“, complete with a two story, glass encased restaurant that they build up and tear down every year, over a hundred outdoor shops and, of course, the ice skating rink. I thought the opening date of November 1st last year was really pushing it; I was therefore surprised…no, stunned really, that it was already open when we were in the neighborhood last weekend. Winter Village. In October. In the FALL. I know – why don’t we skip Fall altogether and jump right into Christmas after Labor Day? Who needs Fall?? I love imagining the suits who decide such things gathered in a conference room, debating on opening dates. “Can we get away with opening Winter Village in the middle of October? Will the people riot?” $$$$$


Today is November 1st. It’s cold and rainy and quiet, and such a different scene outside from last night’s Halloween festivities. Our Brooklyn neighborhood has become somewhat of a destination neighborhood for Halloween because of all the decorations, plentiful candy flowing from those brownstones, the party atmosphere and the Halloween Parade (I haven’t been to the Village Parade in Manhattan in years). All that’s gone now and I imagine lots of families are spending this rainy November 1st like us – indoors in pajamas, nibbling all day on food, kids reorganizing and negotiating candy trades, and playing games.
Not a thought in sight about the holidays at this house. As it should be.

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  • Alex November 2, 2014 at 1:04 am

    I’m with you. I once worked as a cashier at Garden Ridge, and when I made a joke about people skipping Halloween and Thanksgiving and going right to Christmas decor, the customer didn’t laugh with me. Whoops hehe how socially awkward of me. I also judge people that skip Thanksgiving dinner for the “new tradition” of waiting outside Best Buy. Oh how the suits must be happy.
    Fall is my favorite, so I would like to enjoy the current season and would have loved one of those pokemon pumpkins.

  • Dee November 3, 2014 at 12:55 pm

    I was out yesterday and noticed people buying Christmas decorations. We haven’t even smashed our pumpkins yet (a family tradition)! I am thinking about the holidays, but mostly b/c I always try to minimize the anxiety that I feel around this time due to family guilt tripping and consumerism on steroids.