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May 31, 2008 |  Category:   home


I was the first to wake up this morning despite the fact that I was the last to go to sleep. It’s amazing how well I can function on so little sleep (relatively speaking, of course). I’m not used to being the first up in our house so I thoroughly enjoyed the quiet living room, watching the sun stream in.

I often wonder how long we’ll live in this apartment. It’s been 3 years and while the first year was nothing short of a nightmare (and those who know us, know what I mean), the last two years have been most pleasant and I’ve even grown to love this place. It’s a new building in Brooklyn so it has no character or architectural interest what-so-ever, unlike every other place that I’ve lived, but we’re making it our own. Is it weird that I have no interest in owning a house? Aside from a backyard (that’s what my parent’s house is for), and perhaps an extra room so that guests don’t have to camp out in the living room, I’m perfectly content in an apartment building. We’re lucky that we don’t hear neighbors and we have enough space for now. I’ve seen quite a few friends leave Brooklyn the last 2 years, and I’m sure I’ll see a few more go, but we’re holding on to our life here. Besides, I’m not sure where we would even go.

I’m hearing rustling in the other rooms. We’ve got a busy day ahead, prepping for the Flea tomorrow, plus we have a few birthday cake orders going out. By the way, I think I’ve decided that I can become quite good at decorating cakes so as soon as I have some free time (ha!), I’m going to try my hand at flowers and piping icing. Fun!

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  • suneye May 31, 2008 at 10:46 pm

    With all your talents, I’m sure cake-decorating will be a snap for you! Love your blog and I check it often!