an old necklace, a new life

December 30, 2011 |  Category:   life remembering

I have very few relics from my past, if anything – photos, records, old concert tees, clothes, yearbooks, artwork. My parents moved out of our childhood house when I was living on the West Coast and couldn’t bring a lot with them to the smaller apartment they were moving into at the time so I’m assuming most of my stuff got trashed since I wasn’t there to save anything.
I don’t miss much and in a way there’s something to be said of having to remember things from memory and not through material bits of old relics and ephemera, but I must admit, sometimes I miss the objects of my childhood, particularly my high school years (records!!!).
The few items that I have include the drawings that are framed and hung in my mom’s house, a vintage sweater whose color I’ve called salmonberry because it’s a particular super bright coral pink color that seem to be only found in vintage knitwear – do you know what I’m talking about? The Thriller record, a heart necklace given to me by my best friend from high school…and now this crystal pendant that I recently found again.
Did I ever tell you I made jewelry during my time in art school? For 3 years I played around with crystals, beads, silver wire, semi precious stones and sold them on consignment in stores, in flea markets (I sold at the flea market that rents from my kids’ school, a crazy full circle moment), as a street vendor, at events. My necklaces even went down the runway once at a fashion show held at a night club. I think my hands and eyes got burnt out after 3 years of handling tiny little beads and findings and such. When I moved out to the Northwest, I abandoned all jewelry making. I never kept any of the pieces, except this tiny single point amethyst necklace.
I found it at the bottom of a jewelry box I rarely open the other day. I don’t know… something made me pick it up and put it on again. It was strangely comforting, you know? Like a link to some past I don’t have much connection with anymore, like a good luck charm.
It’s interesting to see that crystal jewelry is popular again right now. I never thought it would comeback! It almost makes me want to pick up jewelry making again, to make things with my hands.

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  • mari December 30, 2011 at 12:39 pm

    This post was so comforting; lovely. As is your crystal!
    Connects your past to the future…serendipitous you found it to bridge into the new year.

  • Justine December 30, 2011 at 2:14 pm

    I had earrings just like this in my high school years – during my extremely brief new age phase. I wonder if you made them :).

  • RebeccaNYC December 30, 2011 at 3:41 pm

    YES! I have almost nothing from “my previous life”. The few things I do have are incredibly dear to me. And I too recently re-started an old creative passion..knitting. I made mittens galore this Christmas! Happy New Year…and thank you for this wonderful blog.

  • katie December 30, 2011 at 11:31 pm

    we must be somewhat close in age because i remember crystal jewelry being popular. i had necklaces very similar to yours.
    i also made a ton of jewelry in h.s + college [art school] – i even had a short stint as a jewelry major because i loved working with metal. i miss having the time to do soothing things like making beaded jewelry.
    thanks for bringing me back 😉

  • wendy December 30, 2011 at 11:47 pm

    It’d be so neat if you picked up jewelry-making again. I’d love to see what you come up with. And yes, there’s such a comfort in making things with your hands. I’ve been toying with the idea of picking up knitting again..

  • Jennifer December 31, 2011 at 12:33 pm

    I’ve been reading your blog now for awhile, first time commenting 🙂 Your photography is stunning & your words are touching. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing. I love discovering relics from my past, especially those that carry wonderful memories… that necklace is certainly a treasure.

  • Misha January 1, 2012 at 7:28 pm

    I love this post…I hardly have anything from my past either. We moved a lot 🙁 I have some, but not enough, I think.

  • Jill January 4, 2012 at 10:07 am

    So pretty! I vote yes to the jewelry-making even if it’s just a fun little side craft. I remember making rudimentary jewelry as a little girl and LOVED it. Do you think M+C would enjoy making their own?

  • Chris Ozer January 6, 2012 at 9:40 am

    Just wanted to say I love your blog and photography. They’re both really great. 🙂