and finally…spring

April 10, 2008 |  Category:   life


We woke up this morning to a thick wave of fog, but as the hour progressed, the skies turned blue. I had an early morning meeting so I blazed though breakfast still groggy from last night’s 2 am bedtime (I really gotta go to sleep earlier). Mark made frittata with potatoes, bacon, tomatoes and basil. We have a lot of odds and ends in the fridge from baking – ingredients that you only need partially of, like orange zest and egg whites. It takes a whole case of oranges from Costco to make enough zest for 250 of our chocolate orange cardamom cookies, so we’ve been eating a lot of oranges lately. Luckily, Claudine can down many many wedges of fresh orange in one sitting, plus we’ve been juicing them and using oranges in cooking.

I had a long walk from the train to my meeting this morning and today is one of those days that make you realize just how much you missed the warmth of the sun. I love being able to walk around, feeling neither hot nor cold, but just comfortable. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood as it really was the first spring-like day we’ve had since it officially turned Spring a few weeks ago.

I have a horrible habit of not remembering to go outside when I’m swamped with work. I tend to hibernate if I have deadlines and I’m stressed about it, and will plow through the day without taking a break. I’m embarrassed to say that prior to today, I hadn’t left the house since Monday. It’s an awful awful habit, so if you happen to remember this, please remind me to get out! (Although chances are likely that I will lie and say I did, even if I didn’t, from sheer embarrassment).

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