busy day and it feels like winter already

October 30, 2008 |  Category:   life


It’s been non-stop today since I woke up, dealing with 2 projects and 2 deadlines. I’ve been sitting here in my room, working, watching the most incredible sunset from our balcony window which is casting a dusky purple hue on everything. Even now, although it’s dark, a dazzling orange ribbon of color is peeking through behind the building and leaves. It’s like it knows it’s Halloween. Speaking of which, I STILL haven’t gotten around to making M’s batwings. Talk about leaving things to the last minute.

We turned our heat on for the second time this season. As expected, the glorious Fall weather that we all love lasted all of 2 weeks and it almost feels like winter now. Luckily, tomorrow will warm up a bit to the low 60s, but it won’t be anything like the downright balmy weather we had for the last 2 years. Most of my Halloween memories consist of standing shivering in the cold at the Halloween Parade in the Village, with the exception of 1 Halloween 10 years ago that was so warm, a friend and I sat comfortably for 4 hours on a stoop on St. Mark’s place watching all the craziness go by. Halloween is different now with the kids of course, but it’s surprisingly not that different from the way I remember it growing up. People in our neighborhood go all out decorating their brownstones and you’ll often see makeshift graveyards, elaborate cobwebs and big giant spiders on the side of buildings (our neighborhood is very fond of that white cottony cobweb thing). Kids still go trick-or-treating house to house, and then there is the 7th Ave costume parade. Nothing like the Village of course, but when else can you run around in the street like a lunatic?

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  • Stella October 30, 2008 at 7:11 pm

    Good luck on finishing the batwings tonight! And thank goodness 62 degree weather will be here tomorrow. I’m already over this winter thing, and I think it’s only just begun!