coming out of post trip blues

August 16, 2008 |  Category:   life


I never thought that this might happen, but while we were away in Seattle, we had fleeting thoughts of living in that part of the country again. Mark much more than me since his family is there and that’s where he was raised, but for the first time since we moved away from the area, I felt that it could actually be a possibility. Maybe it was the nice, clear August weather. Or maybe it was just the change in scenery. We asked Mia whether she liked being on vacation on our second to last day on the trip. When she replied yes, Mark answered that he wished we could be on vacation all the time. She kind of shot him a look of “duh” and said, “that’s called living here”.

It’s easy to fantasize about life away from home when you are relieved of daily responsibilities while on vacation – which is the point of vacation after all. When we got back to NY earlier this week, the kids went back to their daily routines immediately. I, on the other hand, had a lot of catching up to do with work and business and in typical, horrible fashion, forgot to go outside for a few days. Meetings in Manhattan yesterday, however, had me walking all around downtown. We lucked out in having very mild summer weather when we got back instead of returning to oppressive heat and humidity, so again, maybe it was the pleasant weather, but as I walked around I thought to myself, I’m really glad I live here.

Today was another gorgeous day. The girls and I headed to Prospect Park to have a picnic and I was struck at how quiet the park was, the skyline of trees obscuring the buildings (well, except now for that all-glass Richard Meier building on Grand Army). We ran around, ate some food, played with some sticks, and it finally felt like “life as usual” again.

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  • Alicia August 16, 2008 at 11:00 pm

    I am moving upstate next year, thankfully, but every time I leave the city I get so depressed knowing what sorts of things (nature and a car, namely) I could be having if I didn’t live here. Luckily it won’t be like that for too much longer, but I totally know how you feel. =)
    But hey, you guys could always move to the west coast and open a bakery there! hehehe