January, for real

January 6, 2013 |  Category:   life




These are some interior shots of The Armory where the Ann Hamilton show was held. Judging by my Twitter and Instagram feeds, looks like everyone was there this weekend before the show closed today.


We had a fun Saturday in the city that I’ll post about later in the week, but today’s task was taking back the apartment from all Christmas trimmings. It’s always a bit sad taking down the tree. After all, it’s hard sometimes to jump back in the swing of things after the glow of the holidays even if it is the craziest time of year for us. But at some point, it’s time to move on.
Now that the tree is gone, I forgot how much light the tree blocked from the balcony window. That was a nice surprise to see the light streaming in this morning. I don’t know about you, but I always get a surge of motivation to spruce up the house right after the holidays. Maybe I’m reacting to all the Christmas clutter, but I always want to strip the apartment of knick knacks that accumulate throughout the year and go a little more minimal. I do always buy a few new things for the home in January, however, since we feel a little more flush in our accounts from holiday business and there are always good end of year sales. Last year it was our dining room table. This year it’s a dishwasher to replace our long broken one and some new lighting for the living room. Next year we hope to get a new couch and coffee table. In the near future it will be a desk for the girls as we change up their room for the third time as they transition to pre-tweens (oh god). On the horizon is a new car to replace our 14 year old Subaru wagon. It’s only a matter of time and Mark can’t run the business without one.
I hope you had a good first week to the new year. I enter this year with a little bit of trepidation since last year fell flat in so many ways. Some circumstances were beyond my control, but I made a few mistakes and also didn’t pursue some things with as much dedication and focus that I would have liked. I understand the importance of making new year goals and projects. My mom is a big believer in this, but I’m just going to see how the year goes and not set up any expectations. As I get older, however, I sometimes feel like I’m racing against some sort of timeline…but why? I don’t know and I’m not even sure where this is coming from, but I feel the pressure and it sets up an expectation that makes it easy to fail. Or maybe I’m hitting this realization wall that despite what I’ve been able to achieve in the past or what I think is still possible in the present, I can’t, in fact, do it all.

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  • Antique Journal January 7, 2013 at 6:20 am

    I like your blog. Interesting, clear and precise. Well put Jenna.

  • Ana January 7, 2013 at 9:31 am

    I am only 28 and your words really resonated with me, particularly that last sentence. I don’t have children yet and I’m not married (although I’ve been living happily with my partner for 5 years now) and I always feel the pressure to achieve more, to want more, both in my professional and personal life. Sometimes I wonder why we feel as if we have failed if we don’t travel abroad a certain number of times per year or simply don’t fit the mold. Have we set these goals for ourselves or are just trying to fulfill a certain idea of normality? Anyway, you are definitely not alone and your wonderings comfort me 🙂

  • Renita January 7, 2013 at 5:46 pm

    I know what you mean … the “in between” of “what one does while one becomes something else” …