Life lately: mid-summer edition

July 26, 2018 |  Category:   life travels

Are you having a good summer? I think we are so far. But now that we’re past summer’s mid-point, we’re reminded everywhere we look that Fall is coming. Well, Fall IS coming at some point, but not for awhile (at least in my mind). While shopping July’s sales in stores last week as retailers try and clear out summer stuff, you couldn’t help but notice the transition in merchandise. Uniqlo had already fully transitioned to Fall with all their mannequins dressed in puffer jackets and flannels. Just…no. You’d think since retail is struggling, buyers and merchandisers would be clued in to the fact that this might backfire when it’s so warm and humid in NYC. Just thinking about putting flannels and wool anywhere near my body makes my skin crawl. Where’s all the linen things? (I’m really into linen as I get older – is this like an age thing?) But Fall does bring the promise of fresh beginnings and that is certainly something to look forward to. I do like that.

But let us have our summer first.

I’ve been feeling like the first half of summer has been a bit uneventful, especially since we’d really pack the days with activities and do everything we can find in and around the city when the girls were younger. In comparison, we’ve been homebodies this summer. Here’s the thing though: kids outgrow playgrounds and they get too old to coax out of the house; this is what naturally happens when you have teenagers. I mean, it feels like we’re being kind of lame now since I’m used to doing so much with the kids (remember how we did 4 parks in 4 days when we went to Disney World? Insane). But I will fully acknowledge that the last time we went to the zoo and the science center earlier this year, I thought to myself, “well, this might be the last time I ever need to go to the science center again”. Kids do age out of all sorts of things and when that happens, we age out of them too – sometimes thankfully.

But then you have these summer traditions that you’ll never outgrow. Our friend’s lakehouse, for one. If you’ve been reading here for awhile, then these photos will look familiar, but the kids are all bigger now, obviously. Here’s a thing that happens when you’ve known people for awhile: conversations turn all grownup-like and you find yourself talking about real estate and parenting. It’s just kind of funny to me since I feel like we were the only people with kids for awhile, but now everyone has caught up. So real estate and parenting talk it is.

Our summers have always been neatly compartmentalized into two halves: camp and the Pacific Northwest. But this summer is different. For the first time in 10 years, we won’t be going to Washington which feels really strange. By this time of year I really need to see that Washington landscape so I’m really missing it; it’s almost like my body yearns for it. Moody coastal beaches, wild blackberries, pink ribbons over snow-capped mountains, quality family time – we’re really missing all of this. But it’ll have to wait until next summer because this year we are headed to Europe. Yes – and we can’t wait. We’ll be closing our shop July 27 to August 12. See you in a few weeks!

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  • Joo July 26, 2018 at 4:44 pm

    I’m down for Europe anytime!! Can’t wait to see your beautiful photos! And yes, I’m with you, I’m not down with all the fall crap popping up but I’m totally down with linen (and all sorts of linen blends I didn’t know existed!!).

  • Lulu July 26, 2018 at 5:15 pm

    I was hoping to bump into you guys in Brooklyn !! I’m a long time reader from California and this week we are going to Cooperstown for basebal then to our Airbnb in Brooklyn until Aug 11,i was just going to check if you guys will be in any street fair etc . Oh well, have a nice trip and did you ever write about where to go in Brooklyn ? If not, can you get to it before your trip ?hahaha

  • Vanessa July 26, 2018 at 7:11 pm

    Oh, they have been putting the Fall clothing out in the middle of Summer since I was a kid in the late 60’s, it was gross then too. Who do we talk to about that?

    Have a wonderful trip to Europe. I am itching to go with my 19-year-old and 15-year-old but am also afraid of that teen petulance that can be so overwhelming. Maybe, maybe not. I am still undecided.

  • willgoh2 July 28, 2018 at 12:20 pm

    Since mid July I keep seeing back to school supplies displayed all over. Being a teacher, I really resent how retailers push this so early on… it mentally cuts into my summer. I’m already thinking about lesson plans and still answering some work related emails throughout summer -that never fully goes away, but for some reason, when I see the displays out, it’s such a slap.

    Reading your post about aging out of kid activities, and reading the one comment up here by Vanessa makes me feel so much better. We recently went on an epic nearly two week trip to Japan. Overall, my 13 year old was fine, but there were some moments that were hard and I seriously wondered why I didn’t just save some big money by leaving her behind at my parents instead. LOL! It’s nice to know that it’s simply being a teen.

  • Paige August 8, 2018 at 9:46 pm

    Your blog is always a dreamy escape. It is strange how things have transitioned, but your space is always a constant departure from my everyday down here in Texas…..and I am eternally grateful for it.