mmmm, cake…

April 29, 2008 |  Category:   baked goods + desserts life


Just finished a piece of birthday cake that Mark baked today for our babysitter – white cake with caramel swirl filling and white chocolate buttercream. I feel a bit overdosed on sugar these days, but I do like me some cake. M, who usually licks off the frosting only and doesn’t touch the cake part, ate every little crumb, while Miss C refused her piece altogether (whose child is this??). People have been asking me if I’ve gained any weight since we started the business. Mark and I are fairly thin people with naturally high metabolism, so weight gain hasn’t ever been an issue, but after I tell people that I live with a pastry chef, the natural question that always follows is “and you’re not fat?”. The thing is, we don’t really eat a lot of sugar. And when you’re around it all the time, you crave it less. But the next visit to the dentist is something different all together. I am dreading it. Since we have to test taste each batch of sweets, we’ve resorted to brushing our teeth multiple times a day and have even gone so far as just tasting the sweets and spitting them out. Yeah, I know, sounds crazy.

Our kids don’t eat much sugar either. They rarely drink juice unless they’re at a party (Miss C has yet to have a sip, actually), and cookies and treats are given only a few times per week, if that. You’d think that having a pastry chef for a dad would make them want sweets all the time!

I was hoping the cake would give me a sugar rush but I am very tired. I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me still for a deadline tomorrow, but I think I’m finally crashing from all those days of little sleep. Had a good day today. Art directed a photoshoot for a project (love watching professional photographers work). Our gift boxes are selling well and we’ve got a lot of work ahead for the weekend so I’m trying to get my freelance work done now. But of course I am still here…

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  • Zena May 8, 2008 at 2:05 am

    Sounds delish.. you don’t make wedding cakes by chance?