picnic dinner, with jazz

June 19, 2008 |  Category:   life


We mixed things up a bit tonight and had a picnic dinner with our friends while listening to some jazz at Celebrate Brooklyn in Prospect Park: pasta salad with tuna, the most yummy, insane roasted artichokes, beans, carrots, blueberries and melons. And wine, yay wine, something we don’t really have very often anymore. The kids all danced – the older 2 doing some crazy funny moves, the babies swaying their hips and clapping, and the weather was the kind of cool summer evening where you needed a little sweater. Bedtimes being bedtimes, we left even before the band we came to see came on stage, but the walk home down the hill allowed the most glorious view of the sunset, making the light and everything it touched, a dusty, rosy glow. It made me realize that I’m not outside very often that time of day as we normally are putting the kids to bed, but what a shame. The light…so amazing.

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