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People sometimes ask me which city I like more, Seattle or NY, and it always strikes me as a funny question since neither city is like the other and they represent different things to me. It’s been interesting to see how Seattle has changed over the years. It’s not like witnessing the changes in New York which I can track over the course of time if my path crosses certain sites often enough (likewise, I get to watch quite a number of buildings go up from the view way up from the office). In Seattle, we often time lapse into those changes on our visits every year. New buildings pop up or we can see how a whole neighborhood like South Lake Union develops from year to year (the amount of construction in this neighborhood right now is crazy). My reference point for some of these changes in urban landscape are almost as old as New York; sometimes Seattle bears little resemblance to the place that I remember from the early 90s. I sometimes struggle to find the spots we used to go to or name the 24 hr joints we used to haunt; there weren’t too many back then and there are even fewer now, but the past is often a blur at this point.


Every year I check the real estate listings to keep tabs on neighborhoods I’m interested in. The loose plan to retire in the NW is still the plan. Besides, who doesn’t like looking at real estate? I’ve been seeing prices in Seattle creep steadily up, but noticed a remarkable jump in prices this year. So many condos and new buildings on the market too. Seattle has never been cheap. New York real estate prices still blow every city out of the water except maybe San Francisco, so “cheap” is relative, but the gap between the 2 cities has gotten smaller this year. I wonder what another 5 years will bring?

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