soggy day = movies + youtube

September 29, 2008 |  Category:   life


Yesterday’s Flea was a soggy washout until the sun came out at the end of the day when it was time to break down (of course), but Mark sold all of our new pumpkin ginger sandwich cookies and we sold a bunch of them on etsy its first day listed (it helped that the cardamom marshmallows were on the front page during the day, making us featured on the etsy front page a total of 7 times, at least that I know of. There are many sellers who say the front page features the same shops over and over and I suppose we could be considered one of those shops, so I am sorry!…and we sort of agree…but…we have no say in this!).

Yesterday was also the first day M went to see a movie in a theater. Yeah, I know, she is almost 5, and it’s her first time going to the movies. We are lame, but believe it or not, before this year when I went to see Sex & the City with my girlfriends, and then Batman with Mark last month, we hadn’t been to the movies in 5 years either. I’m surprised that I am admitting this publicly since this is so very lame and I love watching movies (even more lame is that we rarely rent movies either – we find that we have no time to watch them since we are often both working every night when the kids go to bed). So I am super thrilled that she got to experience this milestone with one of her best friends, whose Dad took 2 four year olds and one 2 year old to the movies and pizza by himself. Ben, you totally rock!!!

So how do you top your kid’s first movie theater experience without mom or dad? You watch some amazing stuff on YouTube whilst drinking caffeine, as all 4 kids run around the house in princess outfits (yeah, more on that later). Ben and I exchanged our favorite YouTube clips, his being this amazing Matrix Ping Pong clip (you MUST watch this if you haven’t seen this before, and give it some time as it gets better as the clip plays on). I told him about catching the end of this totally weird gameshow that I saw on TV recently where contestants wear silver body suits and have to contort their bodies to fit the shape to the hole in the wall that’s coming towards them – much like human shape sorters. Have you seen it? I only saw the end so I couldn’t recall what it was called, but a little googling revealed that the original is a Japanese gameshow called “Hole in the Wall” (why am I not surprised? Americans would never think of a game show like this) and there are UK and Australian versions out there. We can’t seem to find when it’s airing on Fox, but watch this. Now if Mark was there and not at the Flea, he would have contributed the Super Marios Bros theme song as played on the theremin. He and the girls have been watching this for weeks and searching for every rendition of the theme song including versions played by full orchestras and acapella groups. Yeah, it was funny the first couple of times (especially when your almost-2 year old runs around yelling “theremin!” “theremin!”), but the thing is, you never know when your kid might grab onto something and run with it. We’ve had to endure hearing this song hummed, yelled, and sung over and over and over again. Mark, I curse the day you let Mia watch that Youtube video!

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  • unha September 29, 2008 at 10:28 am

    but seriously, youtube was/is nice distraction.
    thanks to YouTube, Jinu got to see Pipi..Pingu.. trains chug chuging through China & Japan (long obsession of his.. steam engine)

  • cindy September 30, 2008 at 2:02 pm

    that ping pong video is great. thanks!