summer is fleeting

August 15, 2013 |  Category:   life





It’s dark now at 8:30, have you noticed?


This is the point in summer where you tend to realize with some wistfulness that you didn’t do half the stuff that you set out to do. “But we only went to the beach once” or “Whatever happened to that picnic we were going to take in Central park?” And suddenly, the last week before a trip is a flustered rush of getting everything wrapped up and our retailers stocked up.
I’m trying to avoid saying “I’m busy” all the time because it’s almost become this meaningless catchphrase that’s easy to just toss around. I’ve noticed the girls saying this all the time too, particularly when they get asked to clean up their room. “I’m busy!”, they’ll yell out, trying to buy a bit more time. But yeah…this summer has been a lot busier than I first anticipated. New clients, quick deadlines, the usual childcare juggling, and trying to carefully maneuver our upcoming trip with project schedules. When we get back, I’m right back into it with a business trip the following week, but I’m trying not to think about that right now.
Our online shops are now closed until September 5th and Mark is spending the day today driving all over the city delivering to our retailers so they’re stocked up while we’re gone. Suddenly, summer feels like it’s fading and the cooler weather we’ve had all month has been a reminder of this imminent seasonal transition as we pull on cardigans in the evenings and close the windows a little more before we sleep. The girls aren’t in school for 3 more weeks, but we know some kids start school very soon so we’re seeing a lot of back to school promotions everywhere. We even saw the craft store a few weeks back at the beginning of August all decked out in Halloween! In August!
I know some of us can’t wait for Fall, but I hope you savor the last few remaining weeks of summer. It really does go by so fast.

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  • Katie August 15, 2013 at 12:55 pm

    The weather was so amazing yesterday, so crisp and bright. But yes, I find myself hoping for a few more hot days before we give way to fall. Fall is my favorite season, but sometimes summer goes too quickly. It’s funny though, do we ever say fall goes too quickly? I think as a child I used to see summer as the long, stretched out period of freedom, which is why I always expect it to feel like that again as an adult. And then when it doesn’t, it always goes by too quickly.

  • Jen August 16, 2013 at 11:46 am

    Jenna, it’s like you write what’s in my head. I’ve definitely noticed the days are getting shorter and we’ve not done the million things we try to cram into the short Seattle summer. We’re also taking a trip at the end of this month so I can understand the mad scramble to tie up work ends before departure. We’re in sprinting mode.

    I’ve been meaning to send you some Seattle recommendations, aiming at places you might not have been to yet from what I gathered from the blog. My apologies in advance if you’ve been already or this is just too long.

    Slate Coffee Bar/Roasters: Great family owned little modern coffee shop in Ballard, they also have an airstream.

    Tokara Japanese confectionary for traditional Kyoto sweets (wagashi). They have open house only once a month – third Sundays. Can be pricey but the treats are unique and delicious, the owner is incredibly nice.

    Pacific Rim Bonsai Garden at the Weyerhaeuser company: It’s a bit of an out-of-the way drive, but the outdoor garden is beautiful and it’s free.

    Chico Madrid – Fairly new Spanish style casul sandwich shop. Pretty affordable and you’ll be greeted by their sangria maker.

    Other recs: Poppy, Crumble and Flake for Irish coffee & whiskey macaron and their filled-to-order cream puff (I’m guessing you’ve been to Bakery Noveau already), Cafe Presse for affordable croque monsieur, Lick Pure ice cream, Cafe Flora for brunch, Umai-do Japanese Sweets (manju and mochi), Chuck’s Hop Shop, Maneki, Tsukushinbo (ramen Fridays), World Pizza – vegetarian only pizza joint in the heart of Chinatown that’s affordable and quirky, Fuji Bakery for great Japanese French style pastries, Sake Nomi, Il corvo, Shiro’s (the tamago maker from jiro Dreams of Sushi I believe works there now), Tilikum Place Cafe for brunch, Golden Garden “Park” – great little area in quiet
    residential area for water views, Revel for the fancy but tasty non-traditional bibimbap, Magus (used) books, Empire Espresso in Columbia City and the nearby Jefferson Park, a very family-friendly park.

    • Jenna August 16, 2013 at 4:50 pm

      thanks for all these recommendations! I don’t know how much eating out we’ll do on this trip, but I will definitely look into your recommendations. Have a great trip!

      • Jen August 16, 2013 at 9:27 pm

        No prob. If not the food recs, definitely check out the Bonsai Garden. And I forgot to add Seward Park – great 2.5 mile walk around the park with incredible views and on a clear day, one of the best views of Mt. Rainier (also love the diversity of the folks who regular the park). Have a great trip too!

  • Jocy August 18, 2013 at 12:37 pm

    I am definitely trying to savor summer. The temperatures are dropping, ever so slightly but consistently, in DC. Rain is coming. The days feel a little shorter. It will be my first autumn in the US in about 4 years, so I am looking forward to it.

  • Christy@SweetandSavoring August 18, 2013 at 6:23 pm

    This summer has indeed gone by quicker than usual! I’ve noticed the shorter daylight hours and try to get outside as much as possible lately. Oh my goodness! But I’m also a bit excited for autumn 🙂