a good time at the aquarium

July 7, 2008 |  Category:   life


We made a day out of the Atlantis Aquarium over in Riverhead, Long Island this weekend and while I’m usually underwhelmed by these things (too hectic with the crowds), we all had a really good time. The aquarium had a huge banner that said “voted top 10 aquariums for kids by Parents Magazine” and it really was especially good for kids. Even better, I think, than the big aquarium over at Mystic Seaport that we visited last year (by the way, when did aquariums get so expensive? $26 for adults, $21 for kids? Sheesh). It was the first time Claudine was old enough to really be aware of the exhibits and it was fun watching her reaction to things. She LOVED that turtle, pictured above, and seemed particularly bewildered by 2 iguanas – not oohing or ahhing, but just staring at them, very still, for a long time.


The stingrays lived in a shallow pool where you could pet them as they swam by (slimy and slippery). I’d never seen stingrays behave like this: they all swam up vertically to the edge of the pool, sticking their faces(?) up above the water, looking for food like little packs of dogs. And in fact, you could buy a little container of fish to feed them with.



This seal mesmerized all the kids by twirling around in circles and following all the hand movements if you pressed your hand on his nose against the glass and led him in a dance. Amazing creatures.

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