the last few weekends of summer

August 18, 2008 |  Category:   life nyc


Does anyone else feel like the summer flew by this year? Labor Day weekend comes early this year and I feel like we’re running out of days to do all the summer stuff that’s been on our list. Sadly, we’ve only made it to the beach twice. I never was such a fan of summer and always got excited at any early hint of Fall, but now that I have kids, summer has been so much more fun and I’m finding myself a bit wistful at all the “Back to School” signs, which, in my opinion, has become like Christmas in that it’s just shoved in our faces way too early every year.

We had a really lovely day at the Hudson River water park. We hadn’t been to this particular playground since before Miss C was born, and every time we’ve walked along the water, I wonder why we don’t come to this park more often. I’m happy to say that she happily embraced the water – in her bare feet, no less. Afterwards, we walked back to the train through the meat packing district before embarking on one of the worst train rides home (what is with all the trains being messed up on weekends?)


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  • Vonnie August 18, 2008 at 1:28 pm

    Summer really has just zoomed by this year, over here the kids went back to school today. It doesn’t feel like they’ve been off for six weeks and we really didn’t manage to achieve much over the holidays either 🙁