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July 22, 2015 |  Category:   art + design life nyc






Took a morning off last week to visit the new Whitney Museum, a much delayed visit after we unsuccessfully attempted to go on opening day. I love how the city is as much an integral part of the museum experience as the artwork it houses. There’s something about the architecture of the new building that blurs the outside with the in. There are outdoor spaces that connect each floor with an exterior staircase, and couches line up opposite large windows for expansive city views on some of the gallery floors. The move from the Upper East side to the Meatpacking District where the High Line ends was a great move, and the new Whitney feels just as airy as the old building felt heavy and oppressive.


We haven’t had too many city adventures this summer. We usually have a checklist of favorite activities and places we like to hit up every year and we’ve barely touched it. Summer’s usually when we spend large amounts of time together, but everyone in the family’s got their own thing going on at the moment. We spend our days apart, and come together in the evenings. It seems unlikely we’ll make a dent in our list at all, but it does seem inevitable that this is what life will increasingly look like as the girls get older.
One thing that’s really changed for me in the past year is that I rarely go out at night anymore. To be honest, I don’t really miss it, but the rare times that I do is during summer evenings. There’s nothing quite like sitting outside as the sun goes down with some kind of drink in hand, the city buzzing around you. Will need to do that at least once or twice before the weather gets too cool. Hope you’re having a great summer.

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  • Joo July 24, 2015 at 12:34 am

    I loved the old Whitney so much that I was a bit worried about the new building and location. But I totally share your sentiments!! I’m so glad I visited the new Whitney before my big move to Colorado!

  • Ellie July 27, 2015 at 9:55 am

    Hi Jenna, I loved the new Whitney but hadn’t been to the old one so didn’t have anything to compare it to. Am jealous you managed to take pictures from the edge of the railings. I’m scared of heights so if anything, that was the only downside. I know a lot of people were down on the new space, but I really like it especially that the outside space is as important as inside.