winter into summer

April 23, 2008 |  Category:   life parenting


Mia’s got a nice collection of plants on her windowsill and the wildflowers she planted from seeds is thriving into a nice potted mix of different leaves and stalks – can’t wait to see what kind of flowers come out of this. It’s pretty cool that she can see the whole process from seed to plant to flower. This weekend we’re headed back to the burbs to buy more cases of oranges, butter and flour, but to also go to a nursery to pick up some herbs and flowers for our 2 balconies. We usually grow cherry tomatoes, rosemary, thyme, sage and mint that we pick all summer long for cooking.

It already feels like summer these days. Spring is so weird in that way – one day it’s still quite cool, and the next we’re slathering on sunscreen because the sun is so intense. Not that I’m not enjoying this weather, but whatever happened to Spring? I miss it, if only because I never get to wear all of the cute light jackets and ballet flats in my closet because we head straight into flip flops and short sleeves.

Today I took a break from work, picked up M from school and took them both to the playground by myself. It’s been ages since I’ve done that since Mark will usually take the girls out or we’ll go together now that Miss C is walking. The playground isn’t such a leisurely affair now that we have 2 mobile kids (if it ever was). Your eyes are constantly moving back and forth between the 2 moving figures, head and neck craned to keep an eye on your older kid running among the packs of other kids, while following the younger one to make sure she doesn’t fall off some playground apparatus. Once in a while you can lure them both to the bench for a snack, just so that you can take a break from running around. Everything is a little more hectic with 2 kids, but not as terribly bad as I thought. Most days I don’t even notice that we’re a family of four – I mean it’s been this way for almost a year and a half, but every once in awhile when I catch myself yelling “Get your hands off your sister!” I think, man, how did I get here?


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  • Barbara April 23, 2008 at 7:51 pm

    I love Mia’s pots of flowers, I’m getting all my seedlings started this weekend.

    We have 2 days forecast with snow up here this weekend. Mother Nature isn’t being very cooperative! I’ll be glad for some summer sun, but I am enjoying spring.