the weekend

October 18, 2008 |  Category:   life seasonal


It’s cold today. I’m sitting here with a big sweater on and a blanket over my lap and my feet are still cold. But the sun’s out and it’s dazzling outside. The kind of day that makes you glad that you live in a region where you can fully experience Fall. There’s a block-long playground across the street from our place and our sidewalk is wider than usual so it’s double lined with trees. This means that when the leaves finally turn colors, as they are doing right now, there’s a pretty spectacular display of Autumn right outside our door. At the top of the park is a little Farmer’s Market with less than a dozen vendors every Sunday, but you can pretty much get everything you need: fruits, vegetables, flowers, bread, and pickles. Most vendors set out samples and the girls love to go over and graze the tables at every season: peaches and berries in the summer, apples and pears in the Fall (and pickle samples – Mia’s favorite!). And I love how kids can turn any mundane object into building blocks.



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  • christie October 22, 2008 at 9:50 pm

    i love Fall too. and i love all the posts Jenna!
    ok, i am back from N.S., gone next weekend on a journalism retreat (what the hell is that?), but should be here second weekend in november.
    another visit? my house?
    can’t wait for the Halloween pics! love to the fam from me.