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Cascade Loop

Driving the Cascade Loop

Driving the Cascade Loop

October 16, 2017 |  Category:   Seattle & the NW travels

This summer in Washington, we took a road trip on a route called “The Cascade Loop”, a 440 mile drive through some of the most diverse landscapes in the Northwest Washington. Leaving from our stay in Lummi Island, we headed towards North Cascades National Park with a few planned stops along the way before lodging for a night roughly halfway through our drive near a town called Winthrop. Our first stop: Diablo Lake. Seeing photos of the mesmerizing green-blue color of this expansive lake doesn’t really prepare you for what it looks like in real life. The color is indescribable——a brilliant turquoise that gets its hue from glaciers that are ground into a fine powder by rocks and suspended on… CONTINUE READING