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Bhindi Masala and Chana Dal

Bhindi Masala and Chana Dal

June 28, 2013 |  Category:   cooking recipes

Thank you all for the recipe suggestions, especially to those readers who took the time to type out whole recipes in comments. We actually do rotate quite a number of dishes that were mentioned. Once a week we have a taco night, a pasta night, a burger night (Claudine and I eat vegetarian Chicken burgers from Morningstar most of the time). These often end up happening on evenings when time is tight. When Mark does have more time to prepare dinner, he often will make other dishes like a steamed fish, a roast chicken, Cuban sandwiches, an Asian noodle dish, a curry, Thai or Indian food.   I’m trying to find my own go-to dishes that will add variety to… CONTINUE READING