a holiday weekend sale

May 26, 2018 |  Category:   the biz

Hope you’re having a wonderful holiday weekend. Just popping in to mention that we’re having a sale all weekend with code 15FORDAD. That’s 15% off everything including our Father’s Day Gift Box which is now available on our site.

Have a great weekend, friends. We’re spending this holiday honoring our loved ones who have passed away as we do every year now. Mark works the market Sunday (rain is in the forecast AGAIN, of course) and the kids and I will use the long weekend to reset before summer unofficially kicks in. I already know that June is going to be a blur as we’ve got something inked in for almost every day of the month. It’s a whirlwind month before school lets out and we settle into a slower, summer pace. My main goal for June is to take every moment in as we notch another milestone in our family. Life keeps marching forward – let’s enjoy more of it.

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