March 15, 2008 |  Category:   the biz


Marshmallows. Who really thinks about them? I haven’t thought about marshmallows at all so I’m not sure why they popped into our heads, but we thought that they’d be an interesting product to experiment with. Mark made some passionfruit marshmallows a few months ago for a work thing and they were my first experience with home made mashmallows. If anyone has ever had the pleasure of tasting one that’s home made, you’ll know that they are nothing like the Kraft store-bought kind. These are fresh, soft and not so “powdery-chalky” – you know, that coating that makes a marshmallow un-sticky on the outside.

The basic marshmallow is fairly easy to make so he was able to whip up a bunch of flavors: marbled chocolate, coffee, grapefruit with candied fruit pieces, and mint/chocolate. Some were more successful than others, but we’re packing these away in airtight plastic to see how fresh they last.

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