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March 24, 2008 |  Category:   art + design the biz


Naming a business is like naming a child, which is something we know all about considering we’ve done it twice, with a difficult last name to boot. We considered a few possible contenders, asked friends and families for suggestions, and then this name sort of just came along. It’s totally not the vibe we were going for originally (we were thinking something a little more urban, with Brooklyn somewhere in the name), but it stuck with me even though it was kind of odd and I didn’t love it immediately. The name started growing on us and we started to plan a whole concept of sweets infused with spices and everything sort of made sense. Suddenly, the name just fit and I started imagining “whimsy” and “spice” as illustrated characters (I do have this strange urge to make plush marshmallow dolls).

I’ve been spending the last week designing a logo (the latest incarnation above – can’t promise that it’s the last), business cards and labels. The labels have been particularly tough because you have to fit all this information in such a small space and since my design style goes towards minimal (can you tell?), it’s been a bit of a struggle. It’s crazy to think that we just started this business 5 weeks ago. Mark went to file the papers to register the name officially at the county clerk’s office on Friday. We have our EIN number now and a tentative date for our first run in a commercial kitchen to produce the goods in earnest. Part of the decision to go to a commercial kitchen is so that we can eventually sell on the web – you can’t sell food on the internet in NYS or even have a website, period, if you decide to bake out of your home, even if it’s certified (can you imagine? Who doesn’t have a website these days?). So it’s real and it’s scary and we feel like we’re operating a bit on autopilot because things are moving so fast. That’s been a good thing really, because this has been a great distraction from dwelling on the reality of unemployment.

I’m pretty tired and sleep deprived and trying to fit all this in while juggling 4 freelance projects at the moment, yet I just couldn’t sleep at all last night because of all the things we still needed to do. On top of that list is thanking everyone who have come here to visit us in the short time that we have been up (and thanks to Apartment Therapy’s ohdeedoh for the shout out), especially those of you who have written about your own personal stories of starting a business. If there are more stories out there to share, I’d love to hear them.

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  • PsychMamma March 24, 2008 at 2:05 pm

    I’m already loving your new blog (I came over from babygadget) and am checking it every day! Had to drop a note to let you know I LOVE the name Whimsy & Spice! I think it’s perfect. Wishing you all the best!

  • Jenna March 24, 2008 at 7:39 pm

    thank you thank you!

  • DivaMunchkin March 25, 2008 at 9:01 am

    Whimsy&Spice – what an awesome name! I love the new blog and also came over from babygadget (I have a 15 month old little girl). I love reading the posts on both and best wishes for success on the new business!

  • greeblygreebly March 25, 2008 at 3:02 pm

    What a wonderful name! Good luck you guys, I hope this new enterprise goes fantastically well for you!

  • carolyn March 25, 2008 at 3:15 pm

    I like it. It’s almost as if you could have been naming your children– Claudine is still whimsy and sweet and Mia is definitely the spicy one! I love the colors of the logo too.

  • Jenna March 25, 2008 at 3:31 pm

    Ha! Carolyn, you are so right!